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  • Bruce and Demi?
  • Its an opinion a s s I have a right to my opinion no matter is wrong to others. I'm not about saying false statements like I said I hope they grow out of there looks.
  • Who is her dad?
  • Whose kid is this? Hugh Jackman?
  • Wow may God lay a hand on the people who have so much hate in their hear. Never in my life have I ever read comments so evil about a little baby. He is only maybe 14 months calling him a midget is just beyond evil its heartbreaking. BURN BABY BURN NOT TALKING ABOUT LOUIS ALL THE PEOPLE WITH NOTHING NICE TO SAY, GFYS
  • What happened to the most beautiful kids ever? OMG! I hope they grow out of the unfortunate looks. As the saying goes two ugly people make beautiful kids. However more likely that two beautiful people make the most ugly kids. i think brad head shape blond hair with angies lips is the problem.