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  • Hard to believe Beiber acts like this out in public. He and Miley are supposed to be role models for young kids. Oh my! And in both cases, their parents seem to accept their antics as OK. As a reetired educator, I am so thankful I never had either of these two young people in my classroom or my school. Perhaps what they both needed as youngsters was a few swats on their behind from their parents!!! I know they bring gobs of money into their parents' lives, but how can/could their parents be proud when they doi such terrible things for attention?
  • Exactly how small could a penis-camera be? Ummm?
  • Not sure what is wrong with many of our young Hollywood people--both male and female. Some face drugs or alcohol problems; some face mental health issues. Perhaps Shia simply needs to talk out his problems/concerns/expectations/goals with someone like a therapist. I've always liked his movie roles, but must confess, I personally feel his actions of late are cause for alarm. Don't give up on yourself, young man. Keep calm and carry on. Perhaps, as you atteempt to gain control back, the less you say/do in public, the better. Perhaps take some needed time off, have fun, get some sun, get some needed rest, and do your best to avoid sacks over your head and outbursts. These all seem to indicate unhappiness with yourself and/or us. God bless you.
  • ...and what lesson have we learned from this latest Beiber incident??? Refuse to ever transport Beiber and his team again! Just not worth all the headache and rude treatment they endured--regardless of what Beiber was paying them!
  • Let's see if I understand this correctly--a young man named Lil Za, one of Justin Beiber's friends, admitted to having drugs while in Beiber's house. There were several other young men present...and probably some women. There were drugs and alcohol??? For some reason, LilZa says it was his drugs. Right? Maybe that was true, or maybe he was covering for Beiber or some of the others. Regardless--he may go to jail and Beiber, who is constantly in trouble, gets off "scott-free." Ummmm. Something seems wrong with this picture.
  • Like it or not, each of the Jonas brothers has been a kind of role model for young people. Glad Joe waited until he was 20 years old before losing his virginity. By saying that, perhaps other young people may wait. However, that may have been about the time he also got into heavier drugs???? I am not judging him--I just worry about our younger people and the role models that have--or that they lack.
  • Assume Miley has some sort of home protection device? Also assume it was turned on in her absence? Having it and remembering to turn it on when one leaves two vital things nowadays--regardless of area of town one lives in.