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  • What I don't get? Why does Miley insist on dressing like a prostitute rather than letting her talent speak for itself? Is she trying to be liked for her body or her freakin' talent. Taylor Swift is talented, and doesn't feel the need to brainwash her young followers into looking like a prostitute! Maybe Taylor has been with 10 or more guys in 3 years ... but we never get the feeling she screwed any of them. No one at 19 or 20 has any idea who they are, or what they really want in the future. Neither should be in a committed relationship at this time because they have not experienced enough of real life to even know what they'll be like in just 5 years' time! Miley may think she knows...and Taylor is right to keep trying to find magic with some future Mr. Right. You don't have to look like a slut to sell -- all that does is alienate the female fan base!!!!