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  • I'm starting to think you're the obsessive one who has problems. You just keep harping on about "developmental delays." lol. You should really try to use a different comeback every once and a while so you don't sound like a broken record.
  • Kim Smiley followed Leann in 2010 for a brief period, and stopped following her before she ever met Brandi or her Twitter friends. That didn't occur until 2011. Further, Kim's been private for over a year so how could she possibly be taunting Leann? Did you know that Leann publicly tweeted Kim a few months back, and Kim never responded? For those who think im lying, feel free to check her TL and then get back to me about how "bullied" she is. Her stupid fans troll TLs and tweet anyone who says anything nice about Brandi, or anything negative about (NOT to) Leann. I know this for a fact because I've had to block MANY of them, and I don't even tweet LR bc I blocked her loooong ago too.
  • 1) I do all of that on a regular basis, and unlike Leann, I don't only do it when I can involve paparazzi. What about the poor kids she was supposed to help with "Give" that she did next to nothing for? She sure used them to promote herself though, hmm? You act like she did something huge, but sorry, regular people do the same things all the time. We may not purchase 300 coats at once, but we give time and money WITHOUT expecting something in return. Leann does whatever will benefit her, in my opinion. Do you honestly think anyone falls for her crap? C'mon, you can read a message board ANYWHERE and see that clearly isn't the case. Further, I needn't be your imaginary deity to make observations about Ms. Rimes. She puts herself in the spotlight, and engages in psychotic Twitter rants and wars with her "haters" so she brings judgement upon herself. If Twitter is so detrimental to her well-being then why not leave it like a normal human-being? Oh, that's right, because she enjoys the attention far too much. Hey, remember when she was tweeting about her affair from Wewenlove and Dean busted her out for it? Good times!
  • I think it's safe to say everyone knows how generous she is since she invites random Twitter strangers out, or flies them to Cali to spend time with her, and picks up the entire tab. Oh, and she's very giving of her lady parts to married men. She's quite generous indeed.
  • If you think Kelly has no life and spends all her time bashing to Leann, you clearly have no idea who Kelly is.