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  • You complain about my 6 comments by making 6 comments. LOL Enjoy her while you can girls, she is not going to be around much longer in the public eye---- Karma is weird---when you do what she has done, insults, unprofessional behavior, debauchery it has ramifications.
  • Excuse me??!! I am not a paid public relations firm for Twilight nor Kristen "Poor Me" Stewart. Let me get this straight, I'm wrong for bringing up her bad behavior and I should think before I speak. She gets a pass and I get scolded. YOU MUST BE A ZOMBIE. You are not on the payroll for Summit or Ms. Stewart, nor am I. What purpose does it serve to protect her or defend her? Do you have some Twi junk website that you sell crap to little gullible teens on and are worried about your sales? Do you know how many bogus fan site that claim to be orgs (non profits) and take donations for Kristen that are not legitimate? Do you know how many take unsuspecting fans personal info an sell it? ENOUGH. This girl is going to be exposed because this girl went over the line dozens of times and her fans are a problem as well because they use foul language and are combative like she is. Why don't you go after Celebuzz for posting this article and the link about which female she should date? To come on here and defend her is pathetic and ridiculous. Summit knew she had to be reigned in after Comic Con 2009. Instead of firing her, fining her or forcing her to be civil, she got worse in public. There are ramifications for this because it effects our kids and our culture and creates more problems. You are not part of the solution
  • I know that her constant scrutiny is not easy to endure but it is much worse for Rob. Nobody bothers her when she is not with him. Rob is witty, charming, sweet, shy and humble. He has done many dumb and inappropriate things too but he is not worshiped by young girls like she is. His fan base is mostly 21 and up now. Again, fame and fortune has a price. Like her Land Of Women costar Adam Brody said in an interview, straighten up, stop complaining and show some appreciation for being rich and a working actress. Http://
  • I don’t blame the “Royals” for not inviting Obama. He gave the Queen an Ipod and tapes of his speeches last time he was there and Michelle put her arm the Queen DESPITE long standing protocol of gently shaking the Queen’s hand and backing away with a slight bow. Obama did not have any trouble bowing to the King of Saudi Arabia but forgot to tell his wife how to behave. B.O. bows to King April 2009 The truth is that just like America has been hijacked by the far left, anti-Semite, anarchists, elite, dangerous and powerful members of the Council on Foreign Relations and The Fed Reserve, radicals, biased news media and secular progressives; the UK is a country on decline as well. Sadly, when America implodes, Europe will too. I hear Iran, China and Russia have nice gulags and prisons for infidels and freedom lovers who speak up. The U.S. will be too weak and broke to come help if democracies need it. The UN is useless and effectual. All in all, snubbing Clinton, Bush, Obama and Blair was REALLY rude and thoughtless. I guess the UK only has Muslims to worry about and appease as they did not invite Israel’s leader either. But hey, Beckham and Elton John HAD to be there. It was not a state event like a coronation but it was an event that could have unified the world when we need it most. Instead it divided us more.
  • Kate is too classy and a lady to do that. She has the same natural beauty, charm and grace that Will's mom had. May Princess Diana rest in peace now. Best wishes to this lovely couple.
  • At Least 8 Dictators were invited To The Royal Wedding But Not Former Prime Minister Blair, Clintons, Bush Or Obama The message from the UK is that only dictators, countries that don't allow women to vote or are a known Marxist were invited. Saudi Arabia does not allow woment to marry without permission, vote or drive BUT THE KING WAS INVITED? Marxist dictator Mogabi's representative who just brutally put down uprisings and Crown Prince of Behran were invited.. Hillary and Bill Clinton were not there or Obama but dictators were!!! WHAT THE HECK??? A Royal Wedding with dictators in attendance? What would PM Margaret Thatcher or Churchill say? The Queen, Prince Charles, Will and Kate are beyond the pale and it is reprehensible to have celebrities there and dictators at the wedding but not Prime Minister Blair, Obama or Clintons....... HAVE THEY GONE INSANE??? They are officially so far left and uncouth that it's pitiful and beyond the pale. Good luck UK with having your country rebuilt like America did after WWII for them after they are bombed by the next dictator to take over Europe. What Stalin and Hitler's regime did to the UK and Europe is nothing compared to what Iran, Egypt, Saudia Arabia, Syria and their friends have in mind for Europe. By the way Europe, you owe America millions still for the Marshall plan and rebuilding of your country when the US, Canada and Australia RESCUED YOU. Only Finland paid us back to date. Ingrates.
  • Just saw Taylor's video "Mine" and it's so touching and well acted. The funny thing is that Taylor shows more sorrow, joy and feeling in this music video than Kristen Stewart has in any movie to date. What's funnier is that Taylor is not considered an actress and has not received a BAFTA and other unwarranted awards like Kristen has. Mine video Taylor ROCKS!
  • I state that she is gay because she has indicated she is. How can she be with Rob? I don't care if she is pro gay marriage. I am saying that again, when she knows the fans listen to her every word WHY WOULD SHE SAY Fxxxxxxx pregnant??? Who raised this girl? Hippie drug heads? I am not a hater of Kristen. I want her fans to know the truth about her and her to be fired and/or apologize for her behavior and comments. If your kid acted like this punk, you would have no problem? She does it in the line of work!! You don't know if she is down to earth. She is crude and rude in public and she must be a real pisser in private. NOBODY likes her, cast, crew, directors, past costars NOBODY. Jodie Foster told her off at the Oscars as did Adam Brody. Face it you love a REALLY hateful girl.
  • She is so talented and lovely. She has been writing songs and composing. She did a concert in Vegas 12/31/11.
  • I am not obsessed with her. I am obsessed in stopping her and people like her influence on the rest of us. Was it hard not to curse like the majority of her fans do when you commented back? I know it must bug you to have another voice FINALLY speaking up against the incredibly offensive and numerous antics of your Queen Kristen. I will stop when she is fired or reprimanded. The internet is the Wild West. Our society and kids are getting sexed up and coarsening because of people like Kristen and Hollywood. People have the right to be on the net without the cursing, sexual remarks, nasty comments and promotion of bad behavior. Teens should not have to just deal with it. They have a right to the same normal and decent upbringing that most of us enjoyed. It is not their fault that nasty Kristen fans are on the net. Do you read the SHOCKING comments made here and elsewhere? A kid will say "I think Rob is so hot" and the comments back are x rated. Do you know how many perverts troll sites like this? Somehow it is okay to push and glorify drug use and bad behavior but promoting good values and pointing out the negative influence of Hollywood and Kristen on the same site is wrong.