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  • Holly congratulations on your addition. Cn't wait to see you as a mom!!!!!
  • Wer'e not forgetting you. We want to share this with you. A mommy blog should be about what your feeling, eating, craving, buying for the baby...................Khloe would love to be in your shoes. But God chose you!!!!!! Enjoy
  • Kim, this is to be a happy time foryou and yet yo look miserablly unhappy. We only hearabout you woking out what your'e tring to fit in. This isn't aout fashion. You were lucky to get pregnant after all & it should be a joyous 9 monhs. Worry about weight & super high fashion in 9 months. What if this i your only pregnancy? Don't think you wold ave another, you are too self absorbed in K. It'ss about the baby now. Smile like you use to!!!!!!!!