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  • wooooah? t rex arms? where are you even getting this???????? why do people hate so much on pathetic things like that. shes ugly??? shit im fucking heeenous
  • she looks hot still??
  • and the end of the day. none of us know shit about her and we should get back to our own lives.. (yes, im aware that im commenting and looking at these pictures but i like to see what she wears cause i like clothes) :)
  • but.....she does have curves... look at her hips. shes got nice tits. broad shoulders....aaaaahhhhh curves?? you're all actually pathetic. te dancers always wear way worse outfits than the performer. i dont get why a bikini on the beach is fine but this isnt. weve all got bodies so whats wrong with showing them. plus she has a boyfriend anyway shes not being a slut. sure people can show their bodies in more conservative ways but shes got the body, shes a celebrity, shes performing, shes hot. weve all seen her in a bikini.. WHATS FUCKING WRONG?? im just over all you little kiddies
  • stop hating cause shes rich.. sure the familys different and they make lots of money off a show thats a little rediculous but equally entertaining at times... shes sweet..
  • she constantly being photographed cause she famous and those fuckers dont leave her alone i like the top its not like it showing anything worse than clevage..thats fuck all skin showing and people should get over themselves. least she doesnt give a shit.