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  • PERFECT! Let them marry near the swamps of Florida. That's where they both belong. However, keep that precious Nori as far away from the ceremony as possible. She's an innocent child and never asked to be born into this self destructing Family!!
  • Two wrongs don't make a right. "Three" wrongs. This story changes daily. First reports were that Kim had words with this guy, who was trying to hold the door for her. As he spouted off to paps, she felt the need to tell him he shouldn't be speaking like that. He gets pi##ed at her and utters more disgusting slurs & she calls Kanye to come "rescue" her. Kanye arrives in his own car, pastes the guy & leaves out the back of the building, picked up in Kim's car with another driver. She parades her fat a## in front of video cameras to retrieve Kanye's car, all of which took place prior to police arriving at the scene! All three of them broke the law! She even left the scene in Kanye's car traveling down a one way street in the wrong direction to escape herself! They all should be charged. The mouthy guy with harassment, Kanye for battery & leaving the scene of a crime and Kim for conspiring to cover a crime and a traffic violation!!
  • Warhol made a fortune off of this. That's why she speaks so highly of KK, who is not the first woman to ever have a baby!! Yes, she's manufactured! Yes, she's a walking Barbie, with a lot of extra caboose! It's called plastic surgery. She hit the nail on the head when she said: "She's famous for nothing, it's fabulous" - - Money will make you say "anything"