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  • WHO THE HELL CARES!!!!! I mean really, she is a sigle mom of 14 kids!!!!! all I am saying is she has to take care of those kids anyways she knows how. I so believe she hsould have to go out get a REAL JOB and help support those kids so they have a some what normal life. she shouldnt get FREE HELP. there are many woman who are on state assistance why shouldnt she be able to get help too. think about her kids not her!!!!!!!
  • They sould just re edit this season and not show anything to do with Russell or their family life. it should be all about the girls! they should give her a chance to mourn with her daughter.
  • NEVER GO TO BED MAD, I have been married almost eight years now, and I live by this! you never know how long you have them so no matter how mad you are talk it out! I wish Chris and you a life time of happiness and love.