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  • look at her nail polish
  • [quote=suckaaa]@royawow you're right! she is ugly without make up and she's featured in tons of magazines! *gasp*makes me worried how u look like WITH make up on sweetie :)[/quote] don't worry i look good with and without makeup
  • [quote=Gues]Barely any make-up!? Are you kidding me ... her face is caked with it!! She's just not wearing dark eyeshadow ... she's wearing eyeshadow, and creme blush ... so much make-up, and even on her lips! I find her so ... average looking.[/quote] yeah you are absolutely right
  • [quote=tired of stars who toot their own horn]Yeah whatever!! this is promo the awards are on next moth!! Please this is the only way she can get some press...I don't hate this girl but she is kind of lame!!! "Look at me...Merry X-mas hehehe" soo dumb!! she smiles but she has no expression on her face eeww[/quote] yeah you are right
  • [quote=britbeck]If u said Emma is ugly. Look at bak yourself. I bet that u wudnt look that gorgeous like her without make up. Emma Watson is a true beauty.[/quote] don't slaver
  • [quote=me]She does not look ugly. And her face is screwed up because of the sun. What is she supposed to look like on a beach?...A supermodel? She's a normal girl spending a normal day at the beach with her boyfriend. Leave her alone.[/quote] who are you to tell me leave her alone and that ugly emma watson
  • oh she looks ugly without makeup look at her at this pic with makeup
  • oh she ugly without makeup look at this
  • [quote=nikolet]this I call natural beauty.[/quote oh she is not beautiful
  • she looks like jennifer stone in this picture