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  • my favourite is "never say never " because it is a lesson for me not to think there is nothing that i cant achieve
  • so proud of u kimmie dont mind negativity everything in life has a purpose
  • My name is Shamoya Radcliffe and i am from clewiston,Florida. Me and my fiancee met through my first job at a fast food restaurant. He was the cutest ever and he would constantly ask for my number and when i finally gave in i have not had a dull moment since. He is a ray of sunshine through all my rough times, especially being that we have both been through so much and are pretty young. There is nothing that we dont do together. He even got down on his knees and proposed while we were taking a shower together.l.o.l very romantic. we have set our date for july 2012 and trying to plan this perfect day has been very hectic financially since both of us are trying to finish school and we both dont want to posponed it. We adore each other and we just want to make this day the most beautiful with all the ideas that we dreamed of. We inspire so many young people around us family and friends because of how natural our love is,and that is a great feeling knowing that I am Jamaican and he is Puerto-Rican but we have so much in common and i just want to make our day the most memorable.Thank you for giving all of us this opportunity. [img][/img]