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  • oh my gush..... the picture was absolutely perfect... I love robsten so much.......@@@@
  • [quote=Boo] Exactly. I'm a fan of fiction, and of course young girls know the difference - at least most of them - between movies and real life. But this series somehow creates abnormal situations: when even edward's perceived as someone 'real' (a sparkly vampire...), so why shouldn't girls imitate bella's emotions during a break-up? I'm worried.[/quote] oh my god... well, i agree somehow on your explanations!!! but i will never choose SUICIDE as the next step after it maybe i just did it in a wrong place and time!!
  • i'm too excited to watch new moon.... few months to go!!!!!!!!
  • [quote=obsessed]i love how were getting way more new moon and eclipse pics and news. but theirs something wrong with this pic.. my robbie looks sad/mad :( he's probably tired of all the attention he's getting...[/quote] he is actually tired of people invading up his privacy dude