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  • [quote=Christy Amador]He got everyones attention that night.... Shameless... !!! He really rocked that costume!!![/quote] OK THIS MEAN ITS TIME FOR ME TO STOP LOOKING AT THESE PICS! F*CKIN NASTY NEON GUY!!
  • [quote=amandaa645]My boyfriend and I were Adam and Eve this year:) I made our costumes. I completely altered my bathing suit and was kinda proud of myself becuase I just taught myself how to sew for this occasion haha:) But we thought they came out pretty good! Check it out:)[/quote] SHE'S HOT!
  • [quote=Bobby Craig]This year my wife and I went as "Kourtney & Khloe Take Cleveland." My wife glammed me up as Khloe (on the left in the pix) and we did the Kardashians proud by winning the "Hot, Hotter, Hottest" Award at the party we attended! Needless to say, our three sons weren't all that impressed. We had a lot of fun being Khloe & Kourtney and freaked a few people out in the process!!![/quote] YOU ARE THE WEAKEST LINK!!! GOODBYE!!
  • [quote=perfect]A Spanish Kim Kardashian only diffrence I have a small nose green eye's smaller boobs than u and im naturally tan! But I really dont think we look alike everyone says we kinda do prob my huge butt lol! But your my fashion Idol! Love all of u you Dolls! =)[/quote] HAHAHA WOW!!!!!! SHE'S GORGEOUS SHE DOES LOOK LIKE A LATIN KIM!! SIMPLY PERFECTION...YOU GOT COMEPTITION HERE KIM!! HAHA