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  • Gaga will never come close??? 64 million records sold (in 4 years). It has taken almost 30 years for Madonna to get to 300 million. Gaga is already 20% in just 4 years. I find it funny when people say Gaga's 15 minutes are almost up... they were saying that when Just Dance hit the airways. She is loved by the classics(Tony Bennet, Cher, Liza, etc.). Madonna has made an empire out of herself. She does have talent, but it is the kindness she is lacking. Gaga makes friends with people and Madonna has been known to start feuds with others. Gaga doesn't start them, others start them but she never attacks back. One word: classy. I am not a Madonna basher, because she does have talent. I am just not a fan of her personality.
  • I love Madonna fans... they always seem to forget how many time Madonna was taken to court for plagiarism- and lost. I o not hate Madonna, but the Material Girl has seemed to forgotten how heavily she leaned on Marilyn Monroe. She was famous for her imitation. Not her vocal talent or her personality... her ability to mimic. She constantly takes shots at other artists. Gaga doesn't. Gaga is classy and kind. Madonna has talent, but her attitude is why I'm not a fan. Her bitchy two toned remarks grow tiring. MDNA was not bad, but people buy tickets for her classics. She should try to focus on making a change in the world instead of wasting time on stage acting like an immature 12 year old snob in middle school. Both have talent and great stage presence, but Gaga has more staying power due to her positive message. Madonna even talks about loving each other after the show has ends and everybody goes home, but she does not live by her own words. In short, I am a Little Monster (OBVIOUSLY!!!), but I still do not hate Madonna. Born This Way was INSPIRED by Express Yourself, just like Express Yourself was inspired by Respect yourself... Oh, and look up Material Girl music video, then go to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IwEP9rBlJtI and note the intense similarities in the scenes...