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  • Justin looks really better ! Also, that kind of shirts go mostly with the sleeves rolled up and are far better that way than the way Selena wore it !
  • So, my conclussion after watching every single photo like thousand times is that.... He looks really funny on pink ! haha
  • Sweety, actually is you who needs a plan ! What you say is what happened to you ! You were a great singer, you were in the top, but you know, nothing is for ever, and there's always gonna be someone younger than you and that's what happened ! You wanted to sign with him, to be his mentor, but, Usher won basically cause J is a biggest fan of Usher and he's always been... And, if you couldn't sign with him, supposedly you're the adult here, well then act like it ! Oh and if you have something against JB then talk to him personally, cause beyond that you wanna win publicity by trying to act like the adult you're still not and saying he needs a plan beacouse you think you're better than him, well, he signed with Usher, and Usher is a great person, and, Usher is JB's mentor so he's the right one to advice him about his career, NOT YOU ! ok, so just, try to learn that, and leave it inside your head, cause that's the reality right now, you like it or not...