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  • Cinderella baby needs her class slippers, not no open shoe one strap ugly thing like this.
  • Fergie: Nope, that hat doesn't draw any attention what so ever. Cher: Ok, let me know when I can open my eyes.
  • Just because I look sexy on the cover of Rolling Stone doesn't mean I'm naughty officer.
  • We are Never, ever, ever getting back together♪
  • Maybe the moon doesn't shine now, but remember once we have this baby there will be no hot dogs in a bun any time soon, so you better enjoy what you see!
  • Really? Valentines Day was yesterday!? I guess I got to shine RiRi with a bright Diamond tonight! Or just get her some?
  • You never hear anything about Steve Martin. So this news is pretty shocking. It is like they say, "Age is never a factor". Congratz!
  • What do I love most about the Kardashians? One, along with many reasons why I love the Kardashians is because they are a family with many flaws, just as a normal, life to life family is. The Kardashians are a spitting image of who, “A Normal Family” is today.. I feel as if they are pre judged because UN like my family we were not picked to have our own reality show. I love Kim, because she is honest, humorous, sensitive, caring, judgmental (who isn't?) and beautiful. I adore Kloe, because she is strait forward, honest, has a dry sense of humor at times, protective and REAL! I admire Kourtney because she is a committed human being, to not only her children (beautiful Penelope and handsome as can be Mason), but to her husband Scot and family. I love Kendall/Kylie for they’re funny attitudes. Really? Who wouldn't fly to go see there dad get an award or invade their mother’s closet for shoes? What can I say about Rob? Who doesn't want to kill there sisters at times? Who likes to be criticized constintally by all the sisters? Rob is who he is because of this amazing family. Bruce and Kris are who raised this family; I give them props for a job well done. I love the Kardashians because they are a real, kind hearted with flaws type of family and whether this paragraph gets picked or not, my one comment I hope they read is, go strong! Never allow anyone to take the hearts of Kardashians from the family you all are today. Well, that is why I love the Kardashians.
  • Not thunder, there called thighs; and yes I have illuminating, glowing thighs. Just try my fragrance & you will smell the difference!
  • You should had stood you douch! and now wtf!? Sit the hell down!