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  • My other favourite song is Little Things because I think nowadays most pop songs and songs in that genre talk about a perfect girl or a model etc whereas this song talks about a normal girl, a girl you would probably see walking down the street. For over 3 minutes that song just makes you feel good about yourself and you forget all the bad stuff anyone has ver said to you or all the insecurities you've had and just tells you your imperfections are what make you beautiful. Every insecurity mentioned is an insecurity that pretty much every girl has and it just is unexplainable how much your self worth grows. It just reminds you that there is still good music around and it just reaches out to you in a way that so many songs today fail to do which is why I love it :) xxx
  • My favourite One Direction song is probably 'They Don't Know About Us' because it just shows the love they have for their girlfriends and this is the song where they just stand up for them and tell the haters to back off and I think the sentiment is really caring and sweet and honest, I also think it shows people who hate on their girlfriends how much it hurts them and I think it's just really honest.