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  • The scene in The Hunger Games that I'm dying to see the most is probably where the muttations come into the arena and Katniss, Peeta, and Cato are all fighting to stay alive. Of coarse we all know that the muttations end up torturing Cato, and I can't wait to see how they act out that scene and show it to the viewers while still having a pg-13 rating. Then Katniss is very merciful even though he has tried to kill her and she shoots him with her bow. I think it was one of the scenes in the book that was hard to read and not tear up, and Im sure it will be the same way in the movie. It really shows one of Katniss' weaker sides. Cato has been trying to kill her, and Peeta, yet she feels remorce for him having to go through all of this. It makes me feel bad for Cato to, and Im sure for many other readers. And once Katniss does this it's down to her and Peeta and who's going to kill the other, neither of them wants to do it and neither of them wants the other to die. When they put the berries up to their mouths you wonder if they will both really do it, and if they do will they both die at the same time, could they even save one of them after the other dies? It's just a really suspenseful scene and it makes you care for the characters even more and put yourselves in their shoes, it's as if you're there with them seeing all of this take place. I deff can't wait to see it.