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  • This is the FIRST time he has said anything, so he is not 'still talking about it publicly'. Aniston has spoke about it for SEVEN YEARS, so clearly SHE still has feeling for HIM! The slut.
  • I guess you don't get that Brad was lying to protect her? Actions speak louder than words, and despite the fact that Brad has said from day one that he wants children and Aniston said herself he would be lucky to get one, the fact that Aniston signed up for 6 movies back to back when she said she'd take a year off after Friends to concentrate on a family, show her up for the liar she is. Brad has 6 children. She has none. ACTIONS, not words. The current state of play shows the truth.
  • I don't even live in the same country as them. And if you think I'M obsessed, look at all the posts on the internet smearing 2 people for SEVEN YEARS, who have done NOTHING to deserve it. Take a visit to Female First. THEN, AND ONLY THEN, come back and tell me I'm obsessed. But we all know you are a multi-nicking FFer on the Huvaniston payroll yourself, no one can be as sick and deranged and obsessive as you loonifers. I feel sorry for you.
  • I'm no more obsessed than the loonifers have been obsessed with hating on 2 people they don't know for 7 years. face it, YOU are a deadset loser, loonifer. Wake up to yourself!!
  • Since ANISTON has been bad-mouthing Brad and Angelina AND their children for SEVEN YEARS and throwing mud, too bad HER MOTHER didn’t tell HER that! HYPOCRITE!
  • Since ANISTON has been bad-mouthing Brad and Angelina AND their children for SEVEN YEARS and throwing mud, too bad HER MOTHER didn't tell HER that! HYPOCRITE!
  • Actually, Brad made Aniston more famous which is why she married him. It was a proven career move, everyone knows she opened her legs to him on the first date, trapped him and married him to get a 'leg' into Hollywood. She married him for a career move. everyone knows that. She used him. he MADE HER WHAT SHE IS TODAY. Aniston NEVER WAS AND NEVER WILL BE America's Sweetheart. That is something her publicist made up and the brainwashed loons like you parrot, but her behavior, being a homewrecker and a SLIMY SLUT who spreads her legs and goes through all the men in Hollywood, who brags about fucking Brad on the first date, who breaks up a 14 year relationship, who calls her mother a disease, who associates with racist trash like Handler, SOWS SHE IS *ANYTHING* BUT A 'sweetheart'. Don't be ridiculous and STOP LYING TO YOURSELF, put down the Aniston-aid and stop being so brainwashed and regurgitating the HYPE. Aniston is no sweetheart, never was a never will be because a REAL sweetheart does not do and say the things she does. If you think her attitude and her words and behaviour are those of a 'sweetheart' you are SERIOUSLY FUCKED UP IN THE HEAD and have no morals or idea of societal etiquette. Angelina and Brad never had an affair. Angelina did nothing wrong. But what is so messed up is that Aniston ignored the moral code and homewrecked Heidi Bivens and Justin Theroux' FOURTEEN YEAR RELATIONSHIP. That is NOT cool and Aniston should be seen as the filthy immoral homewrecking slut and conniving manipulative rotten to the core evil lowdown bitch that she is.
  • As you said, karma's a bitch and she's already collected on Aniston. Karma never lies and Aniston is getting her dues. Just as well as SHE isn't a mother, since the only thing she'd teach her sons to do is urinate on their girlfriends, and teach her daughters to homewreck and spread your legs and be a slut who sleeps her way to the top.
  • hmmm. That got cut off. To continue. Justin's 'friends' said NO SUCH THING, in fact, they never said ANYTHING. It was made up by the trashloids you so love. And photos taken JUST TWO WEEKS before Heidi moved out and Justin and jen went public, show them TOGETHER AS A LOVING COUPLE. So they were NOT apart, in fact, Heidi was totally blindsided and only moved out the weekend the cheating couple got together. The timeline proves this, and proves without a doubt that Justin was still with Heidi when Aniston spread her legs to him and she KNEW IT. The facts show she is an immoral homewrecking slut. Oh, and don't even TRY to excuse it by saying he wasn't married! Seriously, how DESPERATE! They were a common law married couple. And I think a FOURTEEN (14) year relationship where the couple shares a life and a HOME TOGETHER, is MORE of a relationship than a 5 year merg - er, 'marriage' of convenience. FOURTEEN YEARS trumps 5 years. This is 2011, you little desperate marriage excuse does not fly any more. You fail. "Plain truth, if Pitt were half the man he’d like everyone to think he is, he would have waited at least till his divorce was final before he started parading his infidelity around." Oh, but HE did! Besides the fact that there was no infidelity, despite the fact you refuse to claim Jen is lying AND HER FRIENDS ARE LYING, we all know now except the brainwashed trashloid freaks that the HOAX of an affair was debunked a long time ago. You obviously didn't get the memo. BUT, if you are going to claim Brad committed adultery before his divorce was finalised (despite the Judge signing off on the marriage March 17) then you must also claim Aniston committed adultery, since SHE was fucking Vaughn whilst still legally married. Oh, an inconvenient truth! Right back at you, if Brad's an adulterer, ANISTON IS TOO. I know, sucks, hey? Thats FACTS for you! Plain truth, if Aniston was a decent human being instead of the filthy immoral without scruples homewrecking slut she is, she would have not fucked Vaughn before her divorce was final, and she would not has stomped all over another woman's heart and ruined their home of fourteen years and paraded her homewrecking and ill-gotten gains around with no shame. "And if the saying is you lose ‘em how you get ‘em, old Jolie should be shaking in her pumps right about now because her demise is on the horizon." Oh but Angelina unlike Aniston, has done nothing to fear. She has not homewrecked or cheated. Aniston is the one who has and the ONLY proven one who has. And lets face it, KARMA DOESN'T LIE. Lets look at Angie's karma. A family, well-respected in her career and by her peers, a successful career, well-respected member of the UN and The Foreign Council, rich and happy and loved around the world. Lets look at Aniston's karma, shall we? The only men she can get are hired or stolen from other women. They piss on her (literally - Mayer) and dump her. What was it mayer said? There was more to life than sitting in a kitchen petting a dog? Speaking of dogs, her only soulmate Norman died. All men dump her and then speak ill of her. She can only do trashy shitcoms and romcoms, always the Oscar presenter, never the Oscar nominee or winner, losing respect among her peers, even lost many fans due to Chelsea Handler and even more for her spreading her legs to a taken man. Lonely, bitter and resorting to hiring pitbulls to slander Angelina and her children. Face it honey, KARMA NEVER LIES, so when are you going to WAKE UP and face the FACT that you backed the wrong horse? Karma has spoken. Wake up and smell the coffee. Checkmate #AnistonisaslimyadulteroushomewreckingpieceofSHIT