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  • That's right but according to the will, anyone who contests/callenges it loses every right to inherit. And even if Katherine changes her will she anyway can't leave in inheritance her portion of Michael's legacy as always according to the will once she dies her share must return back to Michael's children.
  • Probably, worried about the consequences of Katherine's disappearence, their guardian who should take care for them and would have never had to leave them alone, they tried to take them away. The security did the most right thing. They are causing all this stress to those children because of their ruinous plot to get Michael's money, a thing that is never gonna happen. They all should be ashamed.
  • Ian Helperin is only and exclusively an idiot, first off. He is not entitled to say anything regarding Michael Jackson especially seeing the full of defamatory bs he said also and not only in his trash book. Now he has even the nerve to speak about something he does not even know about. NO surprise anyway. The Estate is working to preserve and protect Michael's legacy, fully respecting his wishes. They widely showed it as well as the Jackson brothers showed their greed in all its fullness by now. No one plotted against Michael except them. Katherine Jackson is in good health, never had any stroke, mini or not. She has furthermore fully recognized the excellent work of the Estate.The will is authentic and APPROVED by a JUDGE in a court. Also, Michael Jackson put a clause in his will accoding to which no one can contest it otherwise loses every right to inherit. Michael Jackson did NOT want to support anymore his siblings, who lived off him for years, deadbeats. That was enough. These are his own wishes. They have no chance to get anything in all cases, so there is no "court battle", so much less of "epic proportion", if not maybe only in the sick mind of this moron.
  • No mistery. She talked about Katherine's health and against randy for talking about that, then deleted her tweets. Lastly she also apologized with Randy via Twitter. Moreover Randy did not lie about it: Jermaine has infact confirmed that Katherine suffered a mini stroke some months ago. Although this has absolutely nothing to do with the Estate, which is doing a grat job and pays for every expense regarding Michael Jackson's children and his mother, respecting his wishes. No way this could put someone under stress, unless it is all about money control. And the Jacksons want that even though they will never have it.
  • And he, they, leeches should have respect for Michael Jackson's OWN will, he left them OUT of his will and his will has already been LEGALLY APPROVED by the Judge! They have NO chance to put their hands on Michael's money as they would want, for lucky, otherwise they would have already squandered the entire fortune.
  • The Estate is doing a great job to preserve and protect Michael Jackson's legacy. The Jackson family wants to have Michael's money especially now that tha Estate has almost paid off all debts, they sniffed out the smell of the money. Even though Michael Jackson made it clear that he did not want to support them LEECHES anymore.
  • Our beloved brother??? They are a bunch of leeches and Michael Jackson was their money train. NOW they are just trying to damage his Estate and legacy since they cannot exploit him anymore. And NO authority will "handle" this crap, actually the matter has already been decided by a Judge in a court of law as Michael Jackson's will is authentic. SO NO ONE can ever contest the will, not even Katherine who as well tried before them and failed of course. They are the only ones who exploited Michael Jackson's name and legacy through fake tributes with the only purpose of raising money for THEMSELVES