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  • You mean, Gaga can sing using pre-recorded vocals (just like it became clear this week while she vomited and the lead vocals kept coming out), she plays an instrument to play the music other people wrote, right? You know, Born This Way, Alejandro, Bad Romance... they were all "created" using the music written by other people, people like Madonna, Ace of Base, Kylie Minogue... Poor Gaga, has a few hits under her name. None of them is a classic. Madonna, on the other hand, wrote some of the biggest classics in pop music. By the way, Madonna's first album alone has more songs written and composed by Madonna herself than Gaga's three albums. Ouch.
  • If Lady Gaga were the musician she claims she is, she wouldn't need to copy other people's music, chord progression, lyrics for her albums.
  • In what planet did Lady gaga sell 64 million albums? On "Wikipedia" planet? The Fame + Fame Monster EP = 12 million Born This Way = 6 million And you say she sold 64 million albums? By the way, Madonna, in four years sold this: Madonna = 8 million copies (at that time, today, over 12 million) Like a Virgin = 15 million copies (at that time, today, over 21 million) True Blue = 20 million copies (at that time, today, over 20 million). Not to mention that all five singles released from that album reached the top five. Can't say the same about Gaga's singles off of Born This Way. Facts, people, FACTS.
  • You know how ignorant your comment is, right? "Madonna is scared". Scared of what? Madonna is the best selling female in music worldwide. Even if there's a new popstar in the world, it won't change this fact. Madonna's MDNA Tour is more successful than Gaga's "Born Reductive High School Music Ball", have you checked the official numbers of both tours on Billboard Box Office? With less shows than Gaga, Madonna's attendance and gross revenue are higher. So what is she afraid of? Madonna outlasted Janet Jackson, Mariah Carey, Cyndi Lauper, Whitney Houston (while still alive), Debbie Harry - all these women are more talented than Gaga, Madonna outlasted and outperformed all of them. Why would you even suggest Madonna is scared of a wannabe who copies other people's career stunts? A new popstar will not change Madonna's legacy. Especially a popstar that walks the path opened by Madonna. Lady Gaga is there now, before her, there was Britney and Christina, before them, there was Robyn, and the list goes on and on retroactively. This is not an opinion, this is a fact. Gaga will not even stay around for too long. You see, in four years, her career is already in decline. Her latest album sold less than the previous ones. Madonna, at the same stage of her career, was on the rise. And this is not an opinion, this is a fact.