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  • [img][/img] All moms are amazing, but the reason mine is the best is because my mother gave up her whole life for me. We didn't have a great life in Romania with my father because he was abusive to the both of us, she was one of the top business women in our city (since communism just ended in 89 not many women even worked they don't have many rights) she gave up everything to take me away from him and bring me to America to have a better life,opportunities and get me away from my father. It was a bold move we didn't have anybody here so she had to go from having her own office and career to cleaning peoples houses so that we could eat. There is so much that my mother has done for me but there aren't enough words. I believe she deserves the world and im working hard to make her proud and give her everything but until then i figured I would try to get her this.