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  • Again, are you mentally handicaped? They do NOT all look the same you know since most of them where... ADOPTED! And these kids ARE cute you can stop commenting now because even the jerks wanna smack you
  • You said it yourself, Jenn. She's asinine. You used to do your SONS nails yet you shit on other people? POT meet Kettle
  • Are you mentally hadicaped? Just askin'
  • Being sarcastic is fine, but to go so far as to say someone to "talk english" well my reply to this person would be maybe she CAN'T as in Maybe she is from a differant place in the world good Greif people on here are RUDE
  • Jess looks like a gorilla, if you don't think a kid is cute fine that's your oppinion but all you need to say is "Not cute" like Beckycee951 did or better yet don't say anything at all. You don't have to be rude. It's a kid not a monkey
  • Jessie, It's JUST A SAYING! Jesus Christ get a freaking life and stop taking things so litteral. LOL Now I know what to say to get under your skin lol Jerks make me laugh... *mumbles* fucking idiot
  • WTF is wrong witrh this jerk on here calling all these KIDS ugly? Dude, seriously?
  • You are an idiot if you honestly think this kid is ugly