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  • Noah, I would like to let you know that I am the mother of the beautiful red headed boy that you like to make fun of. I just wanted to ask you if it makes you feel good to say things like that and belittle a child? If you even knew how much my child has been through since he has been born I would hope that you would feel atleast an inkling of remorse... I know that this probably means nothing more to you other than the fact you had to take time out of your busy wesley snipes photoshopping time and baby bashing long enough to read this, but I hope that when and if you ever have children that the baby has red hair. And not because you said all this nonsense about my wonderful child, but because having a child like mine has meant so much to me I cannot put it into words. Next time you say something about a child (red-headed) or not, please think about one day that maybe that very child will be reading your cruel, immature words. Honestly, I pray that someday you do something more with your life than trying to think of witty puns and jokes to type on your (most likely sticky) keyboard. Get up. Walk away from the computer and do something with your life!! You will most likely feel better about yourself. Best Regards...
  • Aww my 2 1/1 year old always watches your show with me!!! He loves You!!