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  • I love this dress. But not on Lea Michele. Ms Michele has short legs, and this heavily beaded dress makes her look even more dumpy. It would be better on Charlize Theron. Someone older and with legs that go on forever.
  • I am a huge Nicole Kidman fan and also of Versace. I love that the studs on the dress matches her hair. But I do agree with people who question why someone as fair as Nicole would wear something so washed out. Try something rosy pink or suits your skin tone, Nicole.
  • Wow!!!! Perfection. This dress really plays up her tan. She literally glows!
  • What a horrid colour and fabric. So cheap looking. And that side seam? What's that all about. And the ribbon is in a strange place on her bodice. Too high or not high enough.
  • Colour me unimpressed. Boring as hell.
  • Stunning!!!! Still, I wish the hair was either bigger or in an updo. And the colour blue does nothing for her tan.
  • No!!!! This is a joke right?
  • Love the dress but in a different colour. If it were bronze instead of silver, her tan would glow. I just hate the hair.
  • The hair visually shortens her collar bone area, making her look like she has no neck. I like this dress because it's unexpected. But it doesn't wow me. She scraps through.
  • I love this dress but on Octavia, I would have chosen a different colour.