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  • Cameron Diaz looks more youthful with the bangs. She has a high forehead, and the bangs diminish that. The color looks great also; not so brassy.
  • For someone who says she doesn't like the spotlight, Jennifer A. must not mind it too much or she would have on a bra that doesn't show her nipples and not wear sheer skirts; not saying she doesn't have a good body, but she mentions she doesn't like the paps a lot; when you dress like that, what does she expect! She has kept herself in excellent shape; just sayin . . . .
  • Mark Ballas is always a class act. Think it's great that he doesn't compare partners, as each of his partners are very different. Of course, Bristol had no previous performance, dancing, or on-stage performance, yet Mark was patient, kind and supportive of Bristol. Both Bristol and Mark worked so hard last season, despite the challenges. Mark won many people's respect last season; here's hoping that former Bristol supporters will come out in droves and support Mark and his new partner Chelsea. Here's also hoping Chelsea has a great fan support base. The best to you and Chelsea this season, Mark.
  • “I want to win a SIGNED copy of HurtLoveBox!”