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  • @khoops06 None of them are acting like they were there that night!! However we are not going to just get over it! !!!! Sorry to disappoint you because we know thats what you zimmerman supporters thought was going to happen but not this time!!! Trayvon could've been any of our sons, brothers, nephews etc and its not ok for them to be stalked n murdered because their black with a hoodie on!!! So until your son is stalked n murdered because of the color of his skin shut the hell up idiot clown ass!
  • @bobby dias Are you really that stupid to believe this boycott is about $$! Your clearly a delusional zimmerman supporter! All those millionaires that you speak of not making any $$$ can buy n sell your dumb ass! Go get educated instead of sitting behind a keyboard sprewing idiotic statements that make absolutely no since!!!!!!!!!#SadNPathetic
  • @laura franco Their not punchlines in celebrity circles that they care about! The celebrities that think their life is a joke need to walk out of their glasshouses once and awhile! Because 99% of them have a closet full of skeletons that would make Chris n Rih look like angels! Between their pasts n their junkie coke snortin kids their the biggest hipocrites there is!!! Chris needs to be forgiven by 1 person and she has done that! So everybody else with their irrelevant comments are just that irrelevant! !!!