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  • P.s: I couldn't post a pic because she has moved an I don't have a way to get to her soon enough to submit a pic. I hope this will not effect anything.
  • I would like to submit a post for the mothers day giveaway for my mom because she is absolutely the best mother I know. I am currently 8 months pregnant with two daughters, 8 & 5. Anytime I've ever needed help she has been there. When the father of my children of 7 years left me 3 months ago I felt a horrible depression come over me. I couldn't shake this feeling inside myself. Not only was I terribly depressed at myself and my image, I lost my job, my confidence and my compassion for life. I couldn't even stand the thought of getting out of bed. My mother was right there every morning to wake me up with flowers and an encouraging message. She never failed. Every morning she was there and every night she would call just to talk to me and the girls. I felt so proud to call her my mother. She lost her husband four years ago and still has the will to push forward every day with her own life and to come to me and take time out of her day to uplift me in a way that no one else could just showed me how to move forward with my life. Now 3 months later I have another job and am back on my feet only to be concerned and focused with my beautiful daughters, my amazing job and my one of a kind mother. She has shown me how it feels to just accept myself and be content with the life I have. If anyone deserve this bedroom makeover its her. She has never bought a thing for herself. She wouldn't even buy herself a pair of glasses that she needed if she knew someone else was in need. She would starve before letting another human being go hungry. She is truly a wonderful mom and I don't know what I would do without her. I know there will be many more posts than mine, but I know my mom deserves this more than anyone. She refuses to buy a new pair of shoes let alone a new or just better bedroom set. Please consider her for this. I love her so much and would love nothing more than to make this the best mothers day ever for her. I know having this wont matter to her, but knowing she needs it and the thought of trying for her I know she will appreciate and love more than anything! Thank you so much for taking the time to read our story....