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  • Anybody who supports gay marriage today doesn’t care about the kind of world we are building for our grand children and great grandchildren. If we persist with this abomination, their world would be one of chaos and confusion with social unrest and civil wars pitting gays against straights. For sure enough, the straight community would some day have to retaliate decisively and violently in order to salvage what’s left of their world and normal way of life. At the rate that society is being forced to capitulate to the demands of gay-rights, it is clearly evident that in time the sanctity of marriage as we know it would be lost and straight people would be driven to desperation out of fear. Please, Lady Gaga, President Obama, and all who are in strong support of gay marriage, take all of the above into consideration. Realize that there is no way on earth that you will eventually get the straight community to whole-heartedly accept gay marriage and the homosexual lifestyle. The sight of two men openly expressing sexual love for each other will always be a repulsive and disgusting sight to any straight man or woman. Tolerance of this sort of behavior on a minimal scale is one thing__one can deal with that__but having it shoved in your face at every turn and at every level of your daily life will not be an easy thing for the straight community to tolerate. And this is the world that the gay community and their supporters seem hell-bent to create for us. No way can this be acceptable ! No way ! I think the concept of the gay lifestyle must be disbanded all together. There must be no such thing as a gay couple. All men with feminine tendencies must by law undergo a sex-change before marriage. Likewise women with masculine tendencies. This way society can safely adopt the ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ policy and everybody can just go about their business without causing any strife.