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  • My mom deserves this room make-over because she is the best mom in the world! That's the truth! She has taken me to 3 concert one in which she stood out in the freezing rain/hail/wind with me my best friend and my sister for 2 1/2 hours so we could get a good seat. That takes a wonderful mom to do something like that! She goes through so much stress between work and being, what she calls, a taxi driver for me and my sister. When things get rough for her she is the one that conforts me and says "we'll get through it" which makes me think everything is going to be ok, just another obsticle in life i have to deal with. Her room is so blah, she has nothing on her wall, just white paint. Her night stands are ugly, just a wooden table. On those stressful days I want her to know that she has a nice bedroom with a beautiful conforter to lay in when she goes to bed. It would be amazing if she got this make-over because it would be my thank you for everything you do and more.