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  • hell no. sure megan might be hot but angelina shes classy not to mention GOOD at acting.
  • I agree with LAG leo is a MUCH MUCH better actor and has a way better choice in movies
  • "Makes history!?!" Exaggerate much? This record will be broken just like this crappy movie broke the records set by the brilliant films: Half Blood Prince and The Dark Knight. Records are made to be broken. But I'm seriously disappointed in what 12 year old American girls choose to spend their money on. I couldnt agree more! I used to be a fan of the books but no longer am after i started reading Harry Potter i realized how crappy twilight really is and how it is so over exaggerated.
  • thats not arabic.
  • [quote=granfalloon]Sad because they are only little kids, sad also because it seemed a bit contrived. The entire memorial was way over the top.[/quote] i totally agree with both statements. R.I.P. michael.
  • wow that was horrible. i agree they really should stick to their meaningless "tween" stuff.