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  • I forgot to mention that we are extremely poor living week by week and she still manages to tie all the ends together for us. And although our house is about to be foreclosed on she stays strong for us and is doing all she can to keep a roof over our heads. This would be such a great thing for my mom and should could actually get a good nights sleep and this would prove to her that through all the bad she's faced the past 21 years that sometimes miracles happen. She deserves this more than anyone in the world. I wouldn't even be alive if she didn't try and try for 9 years with in-vitro, she could've given up and adopted believing she would never have her own kids but she never gave up and still won't to this day<3 I've learned so much from her which is why I'm the humbled person I am today
  • for some reason my picture wont upload but i'd like to comment anyway. my mother deserves a bedroom make over because she is simply a miracle. she beat cervical cancer at the age of 18. because of the cancer it was virtually impossible for her to get pregnant. therefore she spent 9 years experimenting with in-vitro fertilization. finally she became pregnant, with TRIPLETS! she had to have an emergency c-section because my sister was 2.2 lbs and had stopped breathing. after a few months in the nicu from being born 6 weeks early she finally had kids. then 3 1/2 years later by a miracle she became pregnant on her own with my little brother. she deserves this makeover because my dad is an alcoholic and kicked her out of their bedroom so she is forced to sleep in my sisters old room which is just big enough for a bed, small dresser, and small tv. the bed is metal, and is broken. she sleeping at a slightly downward angle at the top of the bed. its very hard for her to sleep in the spring and summer because of her allergies and because of the downward angle sending everything to her head. my mother has practically raised 4 kids by herself and spends all her money on us. shes so supportive and has helped me recover from addicion. i love her so incredicably much i dont know where i'd be without her. she deserves this because its time she got to be comfortable for the first time in 21 years.