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  • I have been a fan and admirer of the Kardashians for many years. I love that each sister is different yet vibrant in many and unique ways. They show us that the American Dream is achievable with hard work and dedication, in any industry. They have an amazing sense of fashion, and I love how Khloe is passionate about her marriage, and shows us how great a celebrity marriage can be. Each sister also shows all of us women, to be confident, sexy, and proud of who we are and to find what makes us special and own it! Don't ever listen to the hate, bullying, and/or negativity but to shine and live everyday like it's worth living =)
  • I would use it to catch up on all the great celebrity news via Celebuzz!! Celebuzz gives me the best stories and pictures, definitely hours of entertainment. I would also use it to show my future clients my video advertising for the business I am hoping to create. Of course it has the best apps, and fabulous music! This would be my dream come true :o)
  • Kim asked all of her guests to wear black or white!