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  • I'm sooooooo happy for you G'pizzle(lol)..and you as well Bill>>Greatest news i could hear on a Monday morning..All things are possible with God and nothing happens before its time....(hugs+kisses)
  • Is that really a question?? Yes he should be charged!!!Hope he gets a term of 60 yrs....
  • Miley you look Grrrrreeeat!!!....Wasn't it jus the other day they were callin you fat!!!now you're anorexic!!smfh!!!y don't these people get a life!!If u follow them they'll make u crazy or kill urself!!Live for u. Furthermore its soon summer she has to get her summer body right!! Right Miley:)
  • Julie or watever ure real name is, How abt u jus shut the fu%# up!!If u have nothing good to say jus don't say anything..better yet don't breathe...xoxoxox On the other hand Congrats Court!!!!Khlo i hope u have one soon,but nothing happens before its time!!!..Pink Glossy Kisses Girls....