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  • My favorite movie was Hunger Games! I wish it had won best movie...but winning this gift bag will make up for it!
  • THE HELP! Love the movie so much! And would love to win this prize too - so amazing! Can share a lot of it with my girlfriends while I help them watch some of the Oscar movies they haven't seen yet ;)
  • I cannot wait to see the scene where Katniss and Peeta are first revealed to the Capitol in their "fire" outfits designed by Cinna! It's supposed to be a memorable scene where Katniss and Peeta show their district is not to be underestimated nor they as tributes. CANNOT WAIT TO SEE THE HUNGER GAMES!!!
  • September 11th: It is my amazing little brother's birthday.. On this day in 2011, my father was in the World Trade Center and was able to escape. His escape and the intense news coverage that followed the attacks inspired me to become a journalist.. And this is also the day of my very first date with the love of my life.. Every year, I think back on how both tragic and uplifting moments happened on this day for is a day that represents how varied life can be - how a simple day of a year can bring in so many memories and continue to do so over the years. It would be amazing to win this necklace and have a small token to remember how important September 11 is to me.
  • My favorite comic has to be Richard Pryor. He is a CLASSIC comedian who loved pushing the boundaries...and set the path for so many comics to follow in that way. =) I'd love to win the gift bag because some items would make great Christmas parents for my siblings!
  • I'd love to win this tablet because I'm a recent college grad who majored in journalism. I'm broke every month after paying school loans, car loans, apartment rent, etc. I see the tablet as a great tool for me because I'm always on the go reporting and working - I just can't afford one myself. I'd also let my boyfriend use it as a great studying tool for med school!
  • I always have a heart necklace my boyfriend gave me on our first Christmas. Its two hearts combined within a larger heart. I may not always wear it but I keep it with me for good luck and it makes me feel safe :)
  • I'd rent a dress for a "comeback". Every year, my high school has a reunion for all the television/theatre/music kids...its a big Alumni Banquet and we get together, honor someone whose done well after high school... I haven't gone in years because the reunion happens in a small southern town where I grew up. I've worked on improving my self esteem and image...and working up the courage to go back. I was bullied and teased in high school for being Middle-Eastern, for dressing funny or having frizzy hair, for not being able to sing or dance well...all I could do was be a reporter and I rocked at it but to everyone else - that was nerdy and unfeminine...=/ So I want to make a comeback. I want to go back and show that I do believe in myself now, I do feel beautiful and love the way I am...and no one can treat me like that anymore. I'd love to be able to come back in a dress fit for the red carpet bc in high school, I was stuck with my mom's hand-me-downs which made me like 30...or getting clothes at clearance racks at Kohls and Target...I want to look as fabulous as I feel. But I know even without the dress, I'll rock it... =) but it'd be an awesome addition to this comeback event.
  • Christina Applegate inspires me and anyone who else who has had cancer come upon someone in their family. In 2008 after being diagnosed, Applegate bravely underwent a DOUBLE mastectomy. Long before she was diagnosed with breast cancer, Christina advocated for breast cancer awareness. Her mom is a breast cancer survivor. Applegate's organization is also amazing - Right Action for Women. It educates women about breast cancer and encourages them to get screened! She inspires me because she truly is a role model for women facing breast cancer, and really any woman going through an incredible struggle in their life.