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  • Tony J. Dude, I looked at your profile, and you have copied and pasted the above sentence into multiple comments..... I believe that is called spamming. And lay off of the other are just like them, like me, no different. Just people giving opinions. Life is much lighter if you make it that way!!! :)
  • Tony why are you on everyone that doesn't have a pic? Just curious. Sometimes people just stumble on a site, and want to comment without going through FB or uploading a pic.....can ya be a bit more easy-going about that one simple thing?? :)
  • Yep, that nose of hers is starting to have that 'worked on now it's too thin' look....she really should leave it alone--such great family DNA and natural beauty...if she goes the Plastic Surgery route, especially at this age, I think a lot of fans will be upset, for she just won't look the same!! Period!!
  • Sure hope she doesn't go nuts like Heidi whats her name and end up looking like a completely different person!! But she is a big girl and making decisions that can affect her entire life.....
  • Seriously? WORST DRESSED LIST? Cmon, who is making these decisions? Just put Nikki Mess age on the list for #1, #2......on and on. But not gorgeous Taylor!!
  • Seriously, is her music really considered 'music'? Not a 'hater', just calling it as I see first she showed promise, but when Little Wayne signed her, and she was on her own, I hope that he sees she is NOT going to go very far, and I feel SO sorry for the kids that really believe she is a 'singer'. It sho aint hip-hop, it aint a good voice, it sure aint rock and roll, WTF is it???
  • It's a toss up when the 'comment' section is used....Between freedom of speech (it's not called positive only comments) and disagreements at said freedom, I think it all goes until you get to the people that attack commenters in a racial downgrading way, etc. We will never have everyone agreeing with us and out personal take on things. Just sayin.....
  • I hear that loud and clear Casey!! hehe heh