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  • Hey, I have had a Demerol shots in my a** a few different times and let me tell you if I could legally have a Demerol shot daily I would. Besides, they almost always blame celebrity death on overdoses. 9 times out of 10 they are right, but does anyone ever consider what led to the drug addiction in the first place? Anyway, I personally wouldn't recommend a Demerol shot to the butt. IT HURTS LIKE HELL!!!!!!!!
  • [quote=Lesa]congrats on your newfound life(career) Rob, just don't let it change who you are, always be the person you were meant to be and feel comfortable doing so. you do great work and i hope your career is everything you want and more. you remind me so much of my son, i'm sure your parents are so very proud. don't get all caught up in the hype of hollywood gossip, you're too good for that crap. best of luck to you always[/quote] I dont know who you are, but I wanted to say nice post. You definitely took the words out of my mouth, well except the part about your son. Anyway, it is nice to see a descent post for once, instead of all those crazed fans. Thanks for being so considerate.
  • Sorry to everyone else who may want to make a comment on this article.
  • [quote=noah] XOXO -- I'm leaving as well, I need to go get ready for dinner. Rob is taking me some place fancy! Have fun with your little sparkly anime characters![/quote] R you sure your mom isnt calling you its ok I wont tell anyone the TRUTH!!!!
  • [quote=photoshoprpattz]Team Robah[/quote] How can you side with Noah?
  • Unfortunately, I have to go live my real life now. Sorry, Noah, that I could no longer stay and outwit you. Maybe while I am out living you can sit back in your parents attic and think of something new and original. I will definitely have to come back to this site and make sure you aren't being an utter ass to everyone. Its been a total blast knocking you off your pedestal.
  • [quote=noah] Hahaha, no really, you participate in an online gaming community for role-playing with little anime characters. I can't stop giggling. Rob is so going to laugh about this when I tell him about your World of Warcraft exploits later tonight! Put on your Level 12 "cloak on invisibility" and leave Rob and I alone.[/quote] I would if you weren't trying so hard to out do me. That online gaming crap is so not for me. I grew out of video games when I was like 12. Then I moved on to real things, like getting a job and moving out of my parents house and oh yeah, getting a real boyfriend. You have fun with your imaginary world you have created for yourself and I will live in the real world. And apparently you are the one doing that whole anime stuff because I have no idea what you are babbling about.
  • [quote=noah] First off, I'm in the attic, so I've got lots of skylight windows and ventilation. Secondly, after Googling your rather unique username, it would seem that YOU would rather be spending all day playing in your imaginary online world of anime role-playing? Hahaha, have fun with that. Maybe you can create a Rob character to hang out with you there because he's all mine![/quote] Wow that is so interesting considering whatever you may think your precious computer found about me is utterly wrong. As they say you cant always believe what you read. I have actually spent most of my day doing research for a paper I have due, when I came across this page and found a smart ass sitting alone in his mamas attic. I unlike some other people have a life besides the internet. I was other the other hand fortunate enough to find that you are running low on come backs. It is sad that you have to look for some kind of dirt on me to defend yourself.
  • [quote=Garrett Scharton]Little known fact, shaura26. If you even bothered to read Rob's unauthorized autobiography you would know that he is in fact NOT straight.[/quote] I didn't bother to read it because I really dont care. I just dont like smart elics