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  • you're the fucking loser :) just sayingg.
  • seriously. i hope you get jumped.
  • seriously. your parents must hate you.
  • your parents dont love you. i can tell.
  • Hey CC. i am biracial. im 17 years old. im rather smart. i've been told im quite a pretty young lady. my fiance happens to be caucasion. we've been together 10 months strong and looking forward to many more months to come. God made different races for a purpose. not for them to be judged. theres no difference in someone skin color. i really dont see what your problem is. either you were hated as a child, or you're just completely out of wack.
  • you have honestly got to be the most racist, pathetic, ugly inside and out person ever. i really hope you're not a parent and never get the privledge of becoming one because i can just see you abusing the hell out of that godsent child but if you do it's not going to be godsent. it'll be some demonic litttle shit like its parent.
  • i bet you look like a monkeys ass.
  • seriously. i hope you have a long miserable life. alone.
  • slit it then. please i beg of you. because you're just getting ridiculous.
  • no dear. what the world needs is to get out a few baby pictures of CC so we can all point and call it an ugly ass baby.