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  • My mom deserves a bedroom makeover because she has been through the most unimaginable things lately, everything has been going wrong that some days I think she won't be able to get through it, but she somehow finds a way. She has always taken the smallest room so that me and my 3 sisters could have any room we wanted. She spent the money on our rooms and ended up with whatever was left over to decorate her room. my mom has done an amazing job raising us on her own, through hard times, good times, and I think she deserves to be treated the way she treats others and that would be like a princess, this mothers day I want my mom to feel happy and let any stress go and just enjoy her time alone in a room that she can LOVE. <3 I love my mom and I know she would love a mothers day present. xox [img] 598-1-340_255.jpg[/img]