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  • My favorite was Beyonce (as you may see in my earlier entry) but My second favorite winner was Viola Davis from The Help because she is an inspiriration to all african american people. It's hard to even think of being in such a demeaning role, but not only did she do it, she portrayed her character very well! I aspire to be an actress maybe (if my singing career doesn't work out or if it does work out and I want to sing as well!) She proved that being a maid may have been a horrible job back then but they didn't always suffer. I keep recolecting the details of that movie in my brain and can't seem to understand how those caucasian people we able to do the things that they did...yet viola did her part with grace! :)
  • My FAVORITE winner was my favorite singer BEYONCE! :) So, I have been following her since....Single Ladies came out because I was about 11 and that was when my mother was empowering me and teaching me that I didn't need a man to be who I am! Till this day, she (Beyonce) is STILL my favorite singer and Single Ladies is still my favorite song. I have NEVER had a boyfriend (i am 15 now and 16 in a few months) and I understand that girls, especially me, run the world. Without us, there would be no one. :) And to be honest, I love the BET awards, but I don't believe it gets enough exposure because it promotes black artists. Because you posted this, its like a type of exposure. Thank you because I have caucasian friends who didn't even know what the BET awards were! Hope I win and thanks for reading!
  • Oh Lord, here we go. BEYONCE. My Favorite singer OF ALL TIME. 1st of all my twitter name is @Violagirl1996 (Im following you) and my facebook name is Shelby It started in about.....5th grade when her single Single Ladies came out. I saw the video and was ultimately memorized by her performance. I'm an aspiring singer so I just cried that whole day and from that day on I became a Beyonce fan, as the weeks went on, I learned THE WHOLE DANCE. As a 9th grader, I still know it. All throughout middle school, I performed her dance at ALL the dances and I always got a standing ovation :). But the MAIN REASON i love Beyonce is because she inspires me to be who I want to be. Even though I have NEVER had a boyfriend before, her songs inspire me to not let him (and or her whatever i choose) walk all over me without my consent! And in a way, I don't think I will ever NEED one because I know I am a strong woman who will always love myself! Hey wanna watch the vid of me dancing to it? You can try. I'm not sure if you have to be my friend though!..... NEVER MIND. i cant find it but its the thought that counts! :) PLEASE EVEN IF I DONT WIN, WATCH THIS VIDEO OF ME SINGING BECAUSE I SWEAR I'M GOING TO BE LIKE HER AND YOU SHOULD WATCH ALL MY VIDEOS! :) Thank You and i certainly hope to win and IMMA A DIVA! (no seriously, i am one! Beyonce Made sure to make me aware of that!) I love beyonce sooo freaking much! :) Did i mention that i LOVE BEYONCE?! Watch my videos, I know they aren't great (I seriously need to post more) but they aren't bad and I'm finally going to establish something for myself: A career! ANYONE WHO CAN HELP SHOULD! LOVE SHELBY!
  • NOW everyone should know by now that my favorite singer of all time is BEYONCE! So here are my top songs in order from 1 to 3: Beyonce-Single Ladies Beyonce-Party Beyonce-Diva :) I love that lady so much! I'm trying to meet her so if anyone can help me! IT WOULD BE GREATLY APPRECIATE!
  • OOh I cannot wait to win! Imma be looking all stylish and fly just like Beller! Which reminds me: I really also want to be given the chance to win the instyler! I heard it was really cool and it looks nice! these products are off the chizzays though. So get crackalacking my friends so that I can win some stuffings! HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVERYONE AND WISH ME LUCK AND BLESSINGS! :)
  • My favorite summer activity is going to camp! This year at my camp, which is in a whole other state, I took the semi annual trip to Canada! The trip is 3 weeks and on a sail boat with about 12 people from camp who are about to enter either 9th or 10th grade! It was so much fun and I made lasting friends! Plus it was my first time out of America! I will never forget the fun times I had from saying my Louisiana slang terms to cracking crabs!
  • `My favorite summer television show is/was SYTYCD (SO You Think You Can Dance). That is my favorite show because I love dance and i like the competition. I loved the last 2 standing dancers Melanie and Sasha!
  • If I were to wear this outfit, I would wear it to my sisters graduation. But I would definitely accessories it with Jewelry! I would also use maybe a belt and cute heels!