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  • and also have lights around them so i can show everyone that the most prized and pricless possesion in the house is the signed dolls! they would be like a showcase!
  • ^^^^alsoI would keep the dolls on my high shelf above my head so no one could touch them! I would enclose them also and dust them off so they dont get dirt on them everyday! They would be my prized posessions!!
  • If I won the Cody Simpson signed dolls it would be a dream come true! i love Cody sooo much! He s my everything and my whole LIFE! Everything i do at school, make, or anything it involvers Cody in some way or another! I follow him on twitter and suscribe to him on youtube and like him on Facebook! I also added him to Circles on google! I cry over him everyday because i love him so much and i would do anything to be with him the rest of my life! If he sarenaded me and one of his concerrts i would FAINT! I have been a fan since the beginning too! All the people at school are bullies to me and make fun of me and push me around for being unique and loving Cody so much! They say im obessed and i get hated on for that! I am dedicated to him 143% and thats no joke!! I where my Defeat The Label jacket almost everyday to show people that you need to to stand up to bullies and be a better person than them and Cody has taught me that! Thank you for this once in a lifetime oportunity and if i dont win congradulations to the winner! :)