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  • Yes, the chemistry and "magic" of the Paula/Simon duo can never be outdone. Idol made a big mistake by brining in a 4th judge and then not making Paula the right offer to keep her to stay. Now the moves seem cliche and somewhat desperate and it's all about the judging panel (cause they are trying to recreate that Paula/Simon magic).
  • When something doesn't and hasn't worked it is just best to give it up and walk away from it, like Paula did and like Britney will hopefully be smart enough to do. Simon seems so sad now, he can't even get L.A. Reid to be on the show. The only way they will have an increase in ratings is if by some lucky chance for them Paula comes back, if not, it will remain around the 3rd to 4th rated series. AGT can probably bring in better judges then X-factor at this point.