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  • I love the look on his face! LOL! Looks like he's just plain tired of the papparazi!
  • She's one of my favorite celebrity kids...always glowingly smiling and HAPPY. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE her dimples! She looks "real" not plasticized like Suri Cruise.
  • Another baby with beautiful eyes!
  • Beautiful eyes! She's gorgeous now and will be an equally gorgeous adult!
  • Adorable kid! Way to go, Jack!!!
  • I don't have that much of a problem with her ALWAYS being carried...I agree that being surrounded by paparrazi and who knows what kind of kooks makes it scarey to put her down. However, there's something that just doesn't feel right with that family. Makes it hard to feel warm and fuzzy towards a kid who, to me, oozes "I'm being smothered by my parents who want me to be their dress up doll". I'd like to see her in dirty jeans, a t-shirt and a pair of scuffed-up sneakers that show she actually is allowed out of Mom's arms now and then and given the chance to play like an actual child. Kind of makes me wonder if she's ever gotten in trouble for having wire hangers in her closet.
  • Zahara was a sickly baby, so her first pictures weren't very attractive...BUT from this pic, it seems she's growing into quite a lovely little girl! As for Shiloh wearing less than frilly clothes...she's a KID, let her enjoy being herself instead of being treated like a dress-up play toy like Tom Cruz's kid.
  • Spitting image of MOM!
  • That pic could be the cover of a romance novel! Hunky Dad and those eyes on that baby! Zowie!
  • Now THAT's a stunning child!