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  • Dont mean! To the scum! What did it do to deserve that.. :'( poor show.
  • Missing from this picture: their mum. :/
  • Yeah, teach em the joys of shopping nice n early. Lol so cyoott *_*
  • Hey Lou, you got a little.. around your.. um. Never mind ^_^ *pats head*
  • Loool as soon as I saw the colour of these two beautiful people I came to the comments looking for CC. HAHAHA predictable much?
  • Hey CC, by 'TRADER' did you mean 'traitor'? Yeah, thought so, illiterate tit. Now sit down.
  • She is defo one of the cutest so far. Her lips and eyes are gonna cause some heartbreaks one day.
  • :S how did this happen? I seriously hope they grow into those cheeks like angie did.
  • lol.. she has the black barbie doll. hahah i dont even know why that amuses me.
  • what kinda name is Bronx for a child? -_-"