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  • And before you attact me for my typing error... I saw it after my comment.
  • What the hell is wrong with you? Do you ever have anything nice to say? AS for youe comments about c-sections you are the one who needs to be educatiod. I had 2 c-sections and my scar is so low I can wear a bikini or low cut undies and it deosn't show at all. And as for the position of the babiy's head??? sounds like the doc was a total hack who told your sis that to avoid a malpractice suit.
  • Here are some REAL pics of a celeb with a real body of a mom of 2 kids. looks like she's had no plastic surgery, and a lot of REAL-LIFE women would love to look like this after having 2 kids. Reese, you look beautiful. Forget these ignorant haters who have seen too many 20-somethings on the beach and have seen too many air brushed and retouched photos. Educate yourselves people...most celeb pics you see are altered to make even the most beautiful women look thinner and more perfect than they really are.