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  • I am unable to take a picture, mainly because my wife would catch me, I am entering to win it for her, the best mummy I know, we have a beautiful little 14 months old girl, and she is currently carrying baby #2 - who is due in just 14 weeks! We live on a pretty tight budget, and although she always talks about wanting a new this or a new that, she never gets it, she can't justify spending money on herself when it could go towards her children or family. I would buy it for her, but it makes her feel guilty that I have spent money on her when there are other things we need. The purple set and the grey set are both perfect for our bedroom with it's purple/grey feature wall i think she called it when we looked at the rental. We do live in Australia so i don't know if that excludes us, but i thought I would try after seeing this page when she was looking through your blog site