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  • News flash Kourtney...Scott has already cheated on you! You have the money to hire a private investigator. I think you're in denial, especially when your boyfriend comes home at 5 and 6 in the morning and you still don't catch a clue? Duh....
  • Geeze Kim...You should be encouraging your sister to dump Scott and find a real man that will treat her and the children with love & respect!
  • Maybe Khloe should tell her mom-ager to stop feeding the press these stories! Don't blame the fans, blame your mother!!
  • Makes me want to puke in his mouth! Soooo grose!!
  • Kourtney and her first sweet!
  • Does this guy ever work? He just loves suck'in off that Kardashian bank account!
  • Scott is so lazy that he can't even push the stroller or carry the baby. Kourtney has to do both! I guess he really thinks he's a lord...
  • Why would Khloe say that Kourtney needs Scott in Miami to help with the kids when Scott rarely ever even watches the kids? Bringing Scott to Miami is like bringing a 3rd child along. You Kardashian sisters should be all over Kourtney for the way she allows Scott to treat her and the children. It's disgusting to watch Scott not work, play all day and then night clubs all night. Its so obvious when he is at home spending time with Kourtney and the kids that he is miserable and rarely happy! Kourtney makes herself and every other woman out there look stupid for putting up with a cheating, lazy, manipulating, deadbeat father and Kourtney loves this loser? Yuck!!!
  • Seriously, why do people encourage Scott to act like such a child. Everyone at that party are nothing but a bunch of ass kissers. Ridiculous....Why isn't Scott taking care of his children while Mommy is away? Without the Kardashian fame and fortune Scott is nothing! He acts rich off of the Kardashian money. Such a loser...Kourtney is stupid for putting up with such a selfish and childish boyfriend. Wake up Kourtney...Scott is not all that. You can do much better!!