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  • dang! i cannot believe that despite the enormous fame Gossip Girl has given Leighton she is still not as famous, duh! she's like so talented and beautiful! she's worth every tabloid! what the hell??? you make Miley famous, and not heer!
  • she'll never be as good as Miley!!!!
  • [quote=Temiti]Wow. really? she does not look fat. she looks great. seriously some of you guys need to get off your high horses. Last time I checked she was human. Seriously Check yourself before you talk.[/quote] YEAH JUST LEAVE HER ALONE TRASH-HEADS!!!!
  • i think they should get back together... it was such a wonderful year for them... they should not put it to waste...
  • [quote=Tina]@me and @missundazstood: How would you know if she's a slut did you sleep with her. Shut the hellup both of you she's seventeen nothing is wrong with dating. Why people got to come with the negativity because she dates it automatically means she's sleeping around what planet are you idiots from. If you have nothing nice to say then don't comment on this post go hate on yourselves you are a bunch of despicable human beings. Miley is awesome I will always support her she is honest and does not pretend she is real not a fake like other Disney stars so get over it. If you don't like her keep your disgusting opinions to yourselves and choke on it. Miley 4 ever.[/quote] THT'S RIGHT!!! its probably the reason why they broke up is because Miley is a CHRISTian and she cannot have pre- maritalsex!!!! duh!!! she has a promise ring, so that just means that shes deffinately not a slut!!!!!