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  • i love Miley, but i think Noah is kind of annoying and shell never be as good as Miley, honestly Miley is the only superstar they have in the family, except Billy Ray ofcourse...
  • ughh!!! poor Miley! why does everyone has to be mean to her!!!
  • lookin forward to new miley projects...
  • and who said Miley was a waste!!! did you read that haters our Miley is still the best!!! and even though shes not on Hannah Montana anymore shes still gonna be more famous than selena, or even justin bieber!!! you know why cuz Miley is not a ONE-hit wonder shes phenomenon! and shes the BEST!!!
  • gosh! i love Glee's drama! although i never liked fin and quin together, and i think rachelle shouldnt be so upset about her break-up with fin, she deserve someone better.. more like jesse, and she should hit back fin for dumping her like that, and i agree santana and sam are good for each other, i think...
  • [quote=Chris]Celebuzz, as usual, you are confused. Miley Cyrus is already signed on to this project, as of last June, according to Hollywood Reporter, which is a lot more reliable than you are. They've been waiting for Landon to finish the script. The main character in this story is 17 and the books are in the juvenile category, which means that younger teens (11-15) are the main readers. If she wants to break away from the Disney curse, she should probably go for more mainstream horror, which older teens and young adults are more likely to see. So, I think this is a bad choice for Miley, but unfortunately, she's already signed to the project. The last movie she made, LOL, is about a teenager, but it's about a real-life teenager doing the things real teens do, like smoking marijuana, having sex for the first time, and all the other real-life stuff teens get into, so that will help her get away from the Disney thing. The movie she's making right now is an action-comedy where she plays a private eye, also a good choice to get her away from the Disney curse.[/quote] you know chris i admire your acurate and detailed news about miley, please keep correcting the misnewsed infos here... thanks!!!
  • [quote=hate miley]That *va jay jay* can't act. CAST SELENA GOMEZ! A REAL ACTRESS! not some boring bitch![/quote] SELENA CANT ACT SCREW YOU!!!
  • i think it was true its just that they got together while their shooting the last song which is kind of a cliche for others cuz of the publicity and stuff, but i think they did love each other otherwise they wouldnt have lasted more than a year...
  • [quote=Travis Kell]Miley is taking the wrong road, she will be like Lohan very soon.[/quote] KISS MY ASS, WOW YOU HATERS ARE REALLY SUCH LOZERS!!! I'LL JUST WASTE MY TIME FIGHTING WITH YOU ALL CUZ YOUR ALL THE SAME, PATHETIC LOZERS!!!