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  • [quote=springsqween]He's not on the same level as KStew. They were in The Land of Women together with Meg Ryan but that's it. He has a point, but I don't think she should just quit something she loves doing. She doesn't do it for the fame otherwise she would do bigger movies, not small Indie films. I do think she should try to enjoy and appreciate her celebrity status more.[/quote] Small indie films? You're calling the twilight saga a small indie film? Don't make me laugh. She obviously took that movie for the fame. There's no other reason why any self respecting actor would.
  • [quote=paulina]the truth is that Miley is a sh*t actress and Selena is a good actress!Miley is a great singer and Selena is a sh*t singer:) THATS THE TRUTH! C'mon do you really think that Selena's voice is AMAZING? She cannot sing! Her voice has been digitized or whatever you call it!but she can ACT! So stick to it Selena!Miley's acting is pretty bad! but she can sing! and I'm so fed up of Miley doing that f*cking peace sign! If you really believe that, join a load of charity organisations and help the unfortunate![/quote] Miley HAS contributed to charities. Check your facts.
  • I love Adam Brody. He's a fantastic actor, and should be in much more movies. The amount of fame you have is not always proportionate to the quality of your acting, as most of the actors from Twilight have clearly shown us.
  • [quote=honesty]Forreal? I thought it was only without? lol. my B. and does he really have a tattoo?[/quote] Haha, it's cool. And yeah, he has a bird on his hip. There have been articles about it on celebuzz, you could look them up.
  • Julia Roberts....who became famous by portraying a prostitute?
  • [quote=honesty] Miley doesn't have blond hair, she doesn't have fans, and her voice is GROSS. Justin is TALENTED. get over it. and btw it's definitely* and obsessive* aaand blond*[/quote] It can be spelled with or without an e. No reason to be so self righteous. And Justin Bieber could act as inappropriately as he wanted and he wouldn't have the same reputation because he's a boy. It's the sad truth. Case and point: Miley got a tattoo at seventeen and she got tons of crap for it, Justin got a tattoo at sixteen and no even batted an eye.
  • [quote=honestly]people didn't bash emma because she said she was "team jacob", they did because she was a total BIOTCH to rob. thats why.[/quote] Everyone's entitled to their opinion. I think that she acted very appropriately. You're probably one of the people that bashed her on twitter. Lighten up.
  • I'm all for sticking up for Selena, and supporting her claim that she doesn't have an eating disorder, but a majority of you are being ridiculous. Yes, Selena IS super skinny. Not many people look like that. Miley and Demi and a majority of the women in show business are NOT fat. And people wonder why girls have eating disorders. It's because the messages they are getting from the media and from most of you are that people like Miley are fat. Then they start thinking to themselves "If she's fat, then I must be HUGE." It's unhealthy, and that mindset needs to stop. Everyone's bodies are different, and unless they're going to unhealthy extremes, none of them are wrong. Every size is beautiful.
  • Haha, my life is complete. Watch how many twilight fans will change from Miley haters to lovers now. Just watch.